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Entrepreneur, VC, Angel Funds and Investor

myFrenchStartup helps you separate the most interesting French startups from competitors by centralizing and classifying them within the different phases of their existence.

Here you can select by sector, foundation date, raised funds, turnovers,… the most Innovative French Startups, follow their actualities and interact with their founders.

French startup

myFrenchStartup aim to give you the ability to make your startup known among the national investors and specially the international ones.

If you need to validate your project, raise new funds, make partnership or just to recrute, your startup have to be listed in myFrenchStartup.

Latest Deals

1 - BITTLE1100 K€
2 - PLYCE.COM1500 K€
3 - PAYNAME500 K€
4 - AKENEO1800 K€
5 - PAYPLUG900 K€

Bigest funding round

1 - 1.8e+06 K€VISIOMED in 2014
2 - 210000 K€CROCUS TECHNOLOGY in 2011
3 - 100000 K€DEEZER in 2012
4 - 74000 K€SARENZA in 2014
5 - 73000 K€BLABLACAR / COVOITURAGE.FR in 2014

Raising funds! Incubations! Expansions! The French Innovation scene is BOILING.

France is living a renaissance as an innovation scene where successful startups have incubated despite the financial crisis.

Multiple new angel funds have been created, and don't hesitate to invest on early stage local startups – the riskiest stage of existence of a company.

The success of French Startups like Vente Privée, Meetic, Dailymotion, Priceminister and recently Work4labs and Netvibes, comforts the position of the French country on the European innovation scene.

Despite high taxes policies, the French administration wants to take part of it by creating its own Angel Fund called OSEO or by simplifying the company creation process tHanks to the auto-entrepreneur status.

Be part of the French sphere of innovation